Plastics industry

Chemical-free water treatment in the plastics industry

In the plastics industry, the AQUAENERGY AQ-KSEM systems take into account the increasing water and chemical prices as well as the stricter environmental regulations.

By the use of AQUAENERGY products it is possible to prevent the cooling circuits in the production process against microbiology, lime, corrosion, biofilm and silting and to protect them against it in the long term.

The use of AQUAENERGY systems, in connection with a suitable filter technology, can prevent silting in cooling systems of machines and tools.

Cooling and heating circuits – equipped with our technology – are largely maintenance-free and thus ensure maximum productivity and availability. The costs of production processes are reduced.

A longer service life of machines and heat exchangers can be expected.
Expensive plastic injection molds are optimally protected against corrosion and calcification and thus have a longer service life.

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Advantages with AQUAENERGY AQ-KSEM – Systems


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