Plants and animal breeding

Complete chemical-free solutions for plant and animal breeding

Chemical-free complete solutions for plant and animal breeding Agriculture and water management do not have to have incompatible goals. Precise nutrient analysis, planning and optimized husbandry and production techniques ensure yields without endangering the environment. Decisive for a lasting and successful use of water in agriculture is a sustainable water treatment system without the use of pesticides, if possible.

With our AQUAENERGY systems AE OrganicPure® the use of chemicals can be permanently minimized in many areas of agriculture. Consumption and operating costs for cleaning and maintenance are reduced. Pipe systems in irrigation systems remain free of lime and corrosion. The water is sustainably vitalized and thus plant growth is optimized, since our technology largely destroys nematodes that impede root growth.

In livestock farming, iron, lime and manganese levels in water supply pipes cause incrustations and lead to the dreaded and consequential biofouling. Over time, the water becomes turbid and suspended matter is formed. The bacterial count steadily increases and the pipes must be cleaned and flushed every 2-3 months with a substantial use of chemicals (usually hydrogen peroxide). The performance of the animals decreases and additional medication is inevitable. With the AQUAENERGY systems not onlyare the incrustations in the pipelines, but also biofilm is successively removed.

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The advantages with AQUAENERGY System AQ-KSEM


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