Chemical-free complete solutions for clean cooling water!

Industry requires specially treated process water for its manufacturing processes and production facilities in order to protect its equipment from contamination, deposits, biofouling, calcification and corrosion. Very often chemical agents are still used today to remedy these problems.

As an alternative we offer professional solutions based on our chemical-free AQUAENERGY technology. Cost optimization and the prevention of downtimes, as well as less unplanned maintenance and cleaning effort are absolutely in the foreground for us.

AQUAENERGY systems AE OrganicPure® are used in many heat exchanger circuits. Main applications are heat exchangers in cooling circuits, heat exchangers for compressors, heat exchangers in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as well as integrated heat exchangers in molds, machines and engines.

sustainable - efficient - future-oriented

The advantages with AQUAENERGY system AQ-KSEM


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