Chemical-free complete solutions for hotels!

Sanitary and kitchen areas as well as heating and water installations in hotels and restaurants are subject to particularly heavy use and must therefore function absolutely reliably.

The costs within the building services for maintenance, servicing and cleaning are immensely high. AQUAENERGY systems ensure cost-optimized operation in the hotel and catering industry. Particularly affected are kitchen machines, steam cookers, dishwashers, coffee machines, indoor swimming pools, the wellness area, showers and faucet strainers.

By using the technology in the drinking water sector, the wellness, sanitary and kitchen area and the pipe system can be protected against solid limescale deposits and rust, and the service life can be extended.

In the heating and air conditioning sector, the use of AE PowerTubes® protects the pipe system from limescale and corrosion deposits. Already existing lime deposits are broken down. In closed heating circuits, there is a risk of heating system silting up. In combination with AQ-KSEM systems and suitable filter technology supplied, existing magnetite sludge is removed and new sludge is prevented. The energy efficiency of the heating system is improved, heating costs are reduced.

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The advantages with AQUAENERGY system AQ-KSEM


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