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Algae and bacteria grow very frequently in cooling towers and cooling circuits and are distributed very quickly throughout the circuit. Especially in the summer months, the growth of biofouling is forced in the plants. Usually, companies use a lot of chemicals, called biocides, to fight biofouling.

AquaEnergy uses the proven AE OrganicPure system against biofouling, corrosion and lime. With AE OrganicPure and a special filter system, biocides in the cooling circuit can be completely eliminated within a very short time. The algae are degraded and the germ counts CFU/ml are minimized considerably. Since our chemical-free systems are also used to combat limescale and corrosion, softening plants and phosphate dosing can usually also be dispensed with. With the installed systems, it can be observed that a certain time after installation, old deposits are flushed out of the cooling circuit system.

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The benefits of AQUAENERGY system AQ-KSEM


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