The solution for biofilm, corrosion, lime and algae

Chemical-free water treatment in open and closed water circuits in industry and administrative buildings

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Our Clients


Water treatment in industry without chemicals

Biofouling, corrosion, lime and algae are broken up in water-bearing systems and absorbed via customized filtration techniques. All biofilms are infiltrated and dissolved, amoebae with trapped Legionella nests are released, destroyed and removed. Our chemical-free water treatment can be installed in industry in evaporative cooling systems, re-cooling plants, tool cooling, air conditioning and sprinkler systems, heat exchangers and extruders, to name a few applications. One of our 24 experts will be happy to provide you with individual advice.

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Mode of operation

The Aquaenergy® technology

Aquaenergy uses the natural principles of action to reduce microbiological components and organisms in flowing drinking and process water.

Alternating electric fields programmed with a microprocessor are introduced into the flowing water. These provide resonance or interference oscillation with the organisms and microbiological components and reduces them.

Our Know-how

Aquaenergy technologies work with any water composition and water hardness. The effect is independent of the installed pipe materials, whether iron, stainless steel, copper or plastic.

The range is achieved over several meters of pipe length. The know-how of Aquaenergy® technology is to program the correct oscillation frequency pattern (ERIF), suitable for the application requirement, into the microprocessor of the control unit and transfer it via the AE PowerTube® to the water to be treated, thus solving the customer’s problems (in thecooling water, process water, irrigation, etc.) efficiently.

Case Study Food Manufacturer

“We wanted to get away from chemicals. The more chemistry we used, the worse it got. Then the only thing that helps is hydrogen peroxide, which attacks the materials from the refrigerant condenser.”

Plant installation for 2 MW NH3 condenser
Food Manufacturer



Case Study Plastics Industry

“The systems run reliably and require little maintenance.”

1.500 m³ Sprinkler basin with 3 plant systems



Biofilm measurement in real time

Are you interested? We will be happy to send you further information.

Research of the TU Nuremberg



Microbiocidal chemicals are often used to control microbial growth. Although these destroy a large proportion of the organisms present in the water and on surfaces in one fell swoop, they do not have a long-term stable effect. The Aquaenergy® approach thereforeoffers an alternative path. 


From the available data, it must be concluded that the AQ-KSEM module (AQ Power Tube) has a germ-reducing effect. However, it must be noted that these effects only occur after a field exposure time of several hours. However, the effect is stable (with minor fluctuations) after this start-up phase. In addition, it was found that microorganisms treated with the module exhibit altered behavior with regard to biofilm formation. The film formation is generally much weaker and the growth of the film is clearly inhibited.


Your cost advantages

  • maximum energy efficiency
  • optimum system availability
  • highest tool availability
  • reduced cycle times
  • reduced repair and maintenance effort
  • conservation of value
  • no costs for chemical additives
  • no environmental pollution costs
  • protection of employees
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

Why it is important to act now

Companies in the manufacturing industry often work 24/7. Running processes without interruption in production are efficient processes! Among other things, this is a set marker that determines competitive advantage, market share and profit.

Contamination, lime, corrosion and biofilm are currently counteracted in industry to 90% with biocides, inhibitors, demineralization – in other words, with chemistry.

In the long term, the use of chemicals not only causes massive problems in production and cooling processes, but also harms the environment and endangers the health of your employees.

We are happy to advise you free of charge.

new: aquaenergy remote aPP

Remote work with augmented reality

Remote Work with AR and live video on mobile devices and wearables for your employees/technicians on site.

Resolve issues early and quickly: Work with us via live video circuit and connect instantly with one of our experts or work colleagues.

With just one click, set up a secure live circuit between phones, tablets, smart glasses, notebooks and desktop PCs. Within minutes, the problem can be identified and then, resolved on the spot.

This saves you time and the expensive journey of technicians to your place of business.

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