Application areas


The solution for biofilm, corrosion, lime and NEW also against algae

For over 15 years, we have focused on saving the vital resource of water and sustainable treatment without chemicals.  With the chemical-free AQUAENERGY technology, we give the solution to biofilm, lime, corrosion and algae without chemicals to industry, medium-sized companies, hotels and housing associations, among others.

Every company that uses AQUAENERGY technology not only saves costs for biocides, salt and corrosion inhibitors, but also for repair and maintenance at the same time – and shows its employees and customers its true sustainable commitment to ecology and economy.

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We would be pleased to explain the function and procedure of AQUAENERGY and look forward to a personal conversation with you.


AQUAENERGY prevents the process of mineral deposits in the entire process cycle.

Food industry

Especially in the summer months, the growth of biofouling is forced in the plants.


Unimaginably large amounts of chemical agents are used in hospitals every year.

Residential construction

Extends the life of potable water systems and heating and cooling equipment in large residential facilities.

Plastics industry

The AQUAENERGY AQ-KSEM systems are designed to meet the increasing water and chemical prices.

Plant and animal breeding

Agriculture and water management do not have to be opposites.


The sanitary and kitchen area, heating and water installations in the hotel and catering trade are subject to particularly high stress.


Aquaenergy extends the life of drinking water systems and home heating and cooling systems.